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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
oy!i am getting to the point in my life where my grandparents' lives and work are starting to feel relevant. like echoes down an empty hallway that i can't quite make out, but which feel like they are announcing my destiny.
so, they spoke Yiddish. no big deal, lots of people's grandparents spoke Yiddish. but i never knew them (well, Sylvia i knew till i was 3). and zayde Avram edited a Yiddish language newspaper called the Morgn Freiheit out of New York and Cleveland. i would like to track down his writings and have them translated, i think. or at least talk to someone who knew them.
a big shout out to all the youth. check out www.fzine.com, the students section, and go to the blog for updates on the youth art webzine.
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