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the new blog is finally here.

Friday, March 31, 2006
So I've started a new blog. Please be aware that the new one is more of a free-form journaling space for S. and myself on topics related (or at least in the vicinity of) to our UC (that's Unborn Child for the still-not-aware-of-our-situation). The UC will not be contributing to the blog at this time, except in the form of rhythmic glubs heard through a deep-vein microphone with this warm jelly stuff on it.


p.s. I saw a FLICKER today at Humboldt Park, along with what I suspect were two KESTRELS but I wasn't able to confirm those.
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several life list birds in Phoenix!

Sunday, March 26, 2006
I'm afraid I won't remember this when i get home, so here's a dispatch from the desert weekend:
ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD -- at least 4
DOWITCHER -- at least 6
HOUSE FINCH -- at least 6

The first 5 on the list, the Red-Necked Grebe and the Lawrence's Goldfinch are all life list birds for me. Yay! Thanks to Libby for taking me around and giving me access to all these fab birds.

It looks like the Lawrence's Goldfinch is actually the star of the bunch. They normally breed only in California, being occasional winter migrants to southern Arizona, which is where I saw this one. Thanks also to Kate for her amazing spotting abilities!
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there. i spilled the beans.

Thursday, March 23, 2006
S. and I keep rolling with the changes, just rollin' along like the tumbleweeds we really feel like. Latest in the series: a new member of the household is on its way. For those just tuning in, I am indeed Pregnant and due in September. And yes, we're quite pleased about this development, for the most part.

For those interested, I will not be discussing the Miracle of My Unborn Child in this space. This space will remain a testbed for ideas, a repository for birding observations and stories, and a place for dialogue with you, the gentle and appreciated reader.

So Never Fear! A new blog will soon appear! To track the changes, update you on fun and disgusting evolutionary tricks of gestation, and perhaps even include a guest blogger or two to ruminate on new motherhood (not that we're pretending there is anything to be said that hasn't already been said, but...you know...awwww, we just get that mushy feeling sometimes!).

More to come in a brand new space when I get back from the desert...Stay Tuned!
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it's 6:30 and still light out!

Sunday, March 19, 2006
pardon my excitement over the vernal equinox. it's not especially impressive here in the big bad ci-TAY, but the birds and the dirt and the gangsters in low-slung jeans are all out daily now to welcome the sun as she rolls on in. even the snow we had last Thursday melted in the morning without a peep. (peep is such a springlike word! real and marshmallow baby birds rejoice!)
so. today we strolled along the path at Northerly Island on our way to the Shedd aquarium for a real day away from cat puke and stacks of dirty dishes. We spotted two KILLDEER (a sure sign of approaching warmth) and later I saw what I think was a SAVANNAH SPARROW en route to Canada and points north. And this was at noon! Being there at sunrise must be so awesome right about now.
The only crappy part of the day came when the snippy aquarium worker came over to kick us off of the fake rocks we had perched our tired buttocks on to watch the dolphin show. Hating dolphin shows as much as I do snippy aquarium workers, I was only too happy to oblige, but S. limped sadly away, turning to look one last time as the dolphins began their show. He really wanted to see it, but the seats were 100% taken. We even tried to sit in the wheelchair-only section but then a person in an actual wheelchair showed up and we were shamed off the risers. Boo to the aquarium for their limited seating and crappy attitude-having workers!
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being busy is only part of the issue.

Friday, March 10, 2006
things that are currently making me happy:
*warblers have again been sighted at Montrose Point. For the uninitiated, this means that the spring migration has officially begun.
*making an upside down heart with my thumbs and forefingers
*enamelled copper jewelry
*i'm going to Arizona to see Libby in a couple weeks and we're going to plan her wedding and look at birds in the desert--finally i get to do that.
*my new sweatshirt hoodie i bought for eight bucks at the Brown Elephant(even though it says "Crunch" in that fake Asian-looking chop suey font on the back in electric green)
*time for contemplation in the morning
*someone else has been cleaning the cat litter lately
*closing my eyes and seeing clear swimmy things
*the warmish weather
*eating french fries two days in a row and chocolate pudding at lunchtime
*the thought that i have only read the tiniest fraction of the good books that there are (see the Bookslut link on the sidebar if you don't believe me).
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the first woodpecker has crossed my path.

Friday, March 03, 2006
Yesterday, exiting my building at Northwestern, I nearly stumbled on the stone steps when a DOWNY WOODPECKER flew directly across my line of vision, lighting on the trunk of an ash tree not ten feet away. Sans binoculars, I was still able to see the black spots and streaks along its back, the slight crest of brilliant red on the head, and the small forked tail--in all, the perfect package to remind me of the difference between February and March. I'm guessing that the last woodpecker I saw was in October or November--maybe now it's time to start taking the long way in to work again, through the manicured wilderness of Northwestern's central campus landscaping.

Stepping out of my creative doldrums for a moment, I have got to echo the crescendo-ing chorus of critics who are recommending Seth Kantner's great book Ordinary Wolves. If you've ever ever wondered what it's like to not only live in, but to BE FROM the Alaskan wilderness, the sharply focused details of this novel based on the author's young adulthood outside a remote Inupiat village will crease new folds into your brain.

Welcome March!

And if you haven't already visited the links on the sidebar of this blog, do yourself a favor and check out Heaven, the poetry blog of Mairead Byrne, and Achewood, the dry dry humor of Chris Onstad.
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