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the first woodpecker has crossed my path.

Friday, March 03, 2006
Yesterday, exiting my building at Northwestern, I nearly stumbled on the stone steps when a DOWNY WOODPECKER flew directly across my line of vision, lighting on the trunk of an ash tree not ten feet away. Sans binoculars, I was still able to see the black spots and streaks along its back, the slight crest of brilliant red on the head, and the small forked tail--in all, the perfect package to remind me of the difference between February and March. I'm guessing that the last woodpecker I saw was in October or November--maybe now it's time to start taking the long way in to work again, through the manicured wilderness of Northwestern's central campus landscaping.

Stepping out of my creative doldrums for a moment, I have got to echo the crescendo-ing chorus of critics who are recommending Seth Kantner's great book Ordinary Wolves. If you've ever ever wondered what it's like to not only live in, but to BE FROM the Alaskan wilderness, the sharply focused details of this novel based on the author's young adulthood outside a remote Inupiat village will crease new folds into your brain.

Welcome March!

And if you haven't already visited the links on the sidebar of this blog, do yourself a favor and check out Heaven, the poetry blog of Mairead Byrne, and Achewood, the dry dry humor of Chris Onstad.
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  • I am glad to hear that signs of spring are moving toward you...flying past you?...in the cold of early March.

    By Blogger Kan, at 11:21 AM  
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