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Thursday, October 21, 2004
today, the 21st:
Red Sox are going to the World Series. Trish and Michael are going to Game One, a richly deserved reward for being fans for --this is not an exaggeration--generations.

also today, Grant Park, Chicago:
--many, many juncos
--2 winter wrens
--brown creeper
--a late flycatcher
--a pair of late warblers, either Prairie or Cape May (i know the Cape May is unlikely, but the birds i saw REALLY look like the pictures!)
--several white throated sparrows
--2 hairy woodpeckers
on my way to school, i saw a dead white throated sparrow on the pavement. reminds me to let you all know that Chicago birders downtown have observed several skyscrapers disobeying the mayoral directive to turn lights out at night in the interest of saving avian lives. if readers observe same, please comment here so i can pass the word along.

...and, i am officially down for the count with throat ish. let's all hope its not FLU.
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