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nesting instinct #1

Monday, October 25, 2004
spent the weekend either in bed with the flu OR buying groceries
thinking about the next project, the last leaves fluttering dryly against the windowpane
looking at the pumpkin on top of the tv we dragged in from the back porch that only shows color when you hold the channel dial all the way to the left--wondering if i'll find the time to carve it (the pumpkin)
(lots more about the next project coming later)
sweeping and mopping the cat puke off the kitchen floor

got an email this morning from the naturalists that many migrants attempted Lake Michigan last night and didn't make it all the way. they will be coming back into Chicago and slamming their exhausted bodies into skyscraper glass this morning. i'm bringing my large paper grocery bags downtown with me today...what a grim wake up.
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