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birds as witness

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
i often wonder what the birds believe about us, seeing us from above. i wonder if they pity us at all. we clearly do not know how to take care of ourselves as a species.
a bird's eye view reveals the totality of human activity and suffering as ephemeral, barely significant in the larger theater of life on earth--but we manage to do some damage nevertheless. the destructive impact of our wars and industries leave scars on the land, disrupt animal populations, wipe out whole ecosystems. we build prisons, test nuclear weapons and even , in the name of progress or war, purposely destroy the things we build.
but from my perch atop the Michigan Avenue building, i see creation happening as well: people embracing, a woman holding a sign in protest of war, sailboats scudding across the lake, a man pushing a baby in a stroller. Dry leaves collect and roll in waves across the park, spinning into eddies of wind above the sidewalk.
let's not forget that we have very little time.
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