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i wanna be a cowgirl

Monday, November 08, 2004
well, not really, but i am suddenly seized with the desire to live rurally. birders made an exciting find this weekend with the sighting of an Ancient Murrelet in Illinois, an extraordinary thing. a bird you wouldn't recognize at ALL unless someone told you what it was.
and you have to be rural to see that kind of thing, you know? you need tall grasses, and, like, gravelly roads and ponds, not like highway nasty ditch ponds, but like actual ponds with wildlife.
the city sucks, man. Gang tagging on the side of the house across the street that i have to look at every damn morning SUCKS. people screeching their tires in the middle of the night for no reason SUCKS. Liquor stores with dozens, literally dozens of men in the parking lot SUCK. Waking up to the sound of jackhammers SUCKS.
sorry to be so negativistic. i know the neural nets are forming, bla bla bla if anyone else saw that godawful What the Bleep Do We Know film. I....KNOW.
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