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Thursday, November 25, 2004
it seems my folks have finally gotten rid of all of the dead branches, and an entire dead tree, in the back yard, all major sources of a) food for birds and b) potential disaster in the form of falling wood and damaging power lines, etc...
so, there are far fewer avian inhabitants now. i did see one tufted titmouse and a Northern mockingbird this morning. Also, the crows are back in Maryland, having apparently made a partial comeback from West Nile Virus. When i lived here in 2002 the population levels had sunk to around 1/4 of their usual numbers. Everyone in the naturalist community was quietly worried that this might have been a harbinger of more destruction to come, but thankfully the other birds seem to be okay.
in the birds' absence, then, i spent part of my thanksgiving morning watching my dad out the front window as he raked leaves from the lawn, bending down periodically to scoop them up and place them in a green plastic wheelbarrow, and reaching up to adjust his hat.
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