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arctic air mass

Wednesday, December 22, 2004
over half of Burnham Harbor, the section of Lake Michigan alongside Grant Park, froze silently during the night, as the Pentagon scrambled to sort out who was responsible for the blast that killed 22 people in Mosul on Monday.
and if they ever do sort it out, what will they say? how much will they disclose?
do you ever feel like something vitally important to your life is being withheld from you? what is it? This is my feeling when i look at or listen to the news of the war...the feeling of looking at a frozen, smooth surface of ice and not remembering it ever looking different. Or almost remembering the exact white of the wave crests, the pure slaty blue or green of the lake in summer, the numbers of gulls that normally dive and circle above, looking for fish. but those things don't seem real anymore.
some amazing birds have been sighted in the past couple of days along that frozen stretch of lake: a harlequin duck, a great horned owl, some coots.

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