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birding while driving

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
i'm digging into the depths of my psyche for enthusiasm for the drive up to wisconsin tomorrow. the only thing i've found so far is a nugget of wisdom, posted by an Illinois birder on a birders' list, that one can, in fact, bird while driving, and that in his obligatory travels to visit his relatives this season, he's managed to spot lots of raptors. yippee! c'mon, you taloned demons of the air, show me what you've got! maybe i'll get a glimpse of a kestrel, or even a Snowy Owl (see previous posts). That would make the miserable icy solitary drive worth while. Perhaps.
in any case, i'll bring my damned field glasses and hope for the best. wish me luck!

p.s. all my best goes out to T., who heads out to Cali this weekend for a romp in SF. Enjoy!
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