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the snowy owl

Thursday, December 09, 2004
agh! i am so frustrated at not having a car right now. i've gotten three separate reports of a Snowy Owl at the Montrose fishing pier this morning, and i can't get over there unless...maybe if i take the Montrose bus. i will look into it. But still! i need to be able to get out and see the birds, it's so important for me.
did anyone ever read that book by Peter Matthiessen, the Snow Leopard? this moment is reminding me of his quest through Nepal and Tibet to see the Snow Leopard--reports of the leopard keep him and his companion trekking over dangerous passes, icefalls, crevasses, what have you--until they have been there for over a year, exhausted, exhilarated, alive, having befriended many of the people who guided them and opened their homes to these two travelers, but never once spotting the Snow Leopard.
sorry to give it away, but it's an amazing book.
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