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Thursday, January 27, 2005
at our meeting the other night, the subject of pigeons came up as a possible locus for our collaborative thesis project. i had done a project on them last winter/spring (see my website "Feed" project for images) which explored the parasitic existence of pigeons in comparison with the parasitic existence of babies. Anyway.
we had been talking about the perception among most people that we as human beings are at the top of a hierarchy of lifeforms, the lowly pigeon being one of many "lower" such forms, and that isn't it interesting that our urban built environment seems to support only a few bird species--the pigeon being one. And if pigeons and humans are about the only flourishing beings in the city--
And if pigeons are, due to their ubiquitousness, their filth, their willingness to exist on White Castle burger buns and discarded McNuggets, "flying rats;"
Then what does that make us?
just asking.

well. the last of the espresso having just passed my lips, it's time to throw on the trusty 15-winter Green Marshmallow coat and shovel the cloud excrement that is now coating the sidewalk. sigh.
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