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cabin fever.ugh.

Friday, January 14, 2005
been shut in, away from the extreme cold and staying close to the bathroom so as to allow the toxic residues of yesterday's nasty food poisoning to exit my system.
speaking of venom, i've also been reading Baudrillard's In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities. the meanings in his words are so slippery and velvety, like grasping an otter by the tail...part of his whole agenda is to get you to reject the meanings that are constructed for you by the mass media, by the institutions of power, to strip back the thick excrement (excrement=his word, thick=mine) of readymade meaning and begin to create your own by thinking critically. also that there is no such thing as "the masses" even though many are persuaded of its existence, we cannot ever identify ourselves as being part of such an undifferentiated whole as "the masses."
(S. is now watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, on my computer. enough hours cooped up with the cats and i might be transformed into a Leonard Nimoy fan. GHU.)
More on Baudrillard later. I dig his analysis of our semiotic culture, don't know if i agree that the historical model for what we are experiencing culturally is one of implosion rather than explosion, but i do like the word COLLAPSE as the name for the transformation American dominant culture is currently undergoing.

[addendum: to the man who called just to anonymously, obscenely and viciously proposition me yesterday as i sat on the sofa miserably fighting back nausea and watching a B-grade 1984 childrens movie, and who then called back the instant i hung up the phone: thanks for adding to my already lousy day a good dose of fear, useless rage and life-force-sucking exhaustion. I hope you get laid off from every job you ever have from now on.]
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