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quest for fire

Monday, January 31, 2005
anyone seen the worst movie ever made? title: Quest for Fire? well, my significant other believes this film is a work of genius. we subscribe to Netflix, which for the uninitiated is actually a new form of couples extortion("Well if you expect me to sit through that subtitled Cro-Magnon shite for two hours, then you're going to have to watch my favorite 1970s Disney-flying-van-at-the-end movie and you're going to LIKE it!") In that heartwarmingly generous spirit i watched the crime against film that is Quest for Fire, about 6 months ago, and promptly purged it from my brain.

Anyway this posting is NOT about that movie. It is about this morning, 6:55 AM: I arose with the alarm, walked zombishly to the coffee maker, switched it on, walked to the thermostat, turned it back up from 62 to 68, and climbed back into bed, whereupon i turned to S. and said, "I..Make..Fire." To which I received the following response: "Oo...Ogh-Oogh (grunted loudly). This, friends, now makes that 2-hour filmic journey into our primate past seem ALMOST worthwhile.
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