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sharp-shinned and Downy

Thursday, January 20, 2005
went out to Grant park this afternoon and saw...nothing. NOt for a long time, at least. I continued bravely on to the frozen-solid lake, where i observed several gulls who looked as miserable as i was, and then began the hike back up to Michigan avenue, when i saw what appeared to be a downy woodpecker alight on some tiny branches and start picking away. He was alone, joyfully so it seemed.
Nothing more as i slogged through the park, nothing more as the snow drove into my nostrils and the sky darkened, nothing nothing nothing.
As i turned back on to Mich. Ave., heading into the School building, i turned one last time to face the museum.
Perched atop the center spire of the rooftop over the entrance to the Art Institute was an adult Sharp Shinned Hawk.
Good Birding,
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