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2 northern shrikes

Friday, February 11, 2005
i did a lot of searching and not a lot of finding unusual birds today. but...
at the feeder, among the House Sparrows, were
and since i had to go to the Field Museum today, i walked to Burnham Harbor and NOrtherly Island (site of the old Meigs Field airstrip).
at Burnham Harbor i saw about 27 CANADA GEESE, over 100 HERRING GULLS, including one immature herring gull which i thought was something weird and therefore watched for over 10 minutes before realizing what it was; and at Northerly Island, 2 NORTHERN SHRIKES. I was extremely gratified to see them peacefully sitting watch on a branch overlooking the harbor, as this was a life list bird for me and i had never been to this location.
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