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no more juncos

Saturday, February 05, 2005
the juncos appear to have left our feeder in the backyard. i'm still hearing the same cardinal pair, though. i think our landlady is overstocking the feeders, so it's kind of an obscene free-for-all. in some ways i can understand why the neighbors threatened to start shooting the birds if she fed them all year.
also, this morning there are 2 pigeons up there, vocalizing and being really snotty toward the other birds, and they don't appear to be regular feral city pigeons. they're a little hoity-toity if you know what i mean. i wonder if they are escaped/lost racing pigeons. as i watched, they flew up and did some sort of mid-air tumbling stunt above the feeder.
there are still 2 or 3 white-throateds out there, as well.
and, it's an incredible 50 degrees out there today! we revel in it. Stella the cat enjoyed sniffing the soaked earth and nosing through the dead plants.
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