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Friday, February 11, 2005
so, i understand the Beastie Boys are doing a benefit (album? concert?) for PETA. also there is an ongoing poster design contest for anti-fur campaign. at the same time, the City of Chicago, along with Illinois Institute of Tech. and the Chicago Ornithological Society are sponsoring a conference for architects on how to build buildings that birds won't crash into. all of these are probably good developments in terms of raising the peoples consciousness to how we are involved with our ecosystem. but that's not what i want to talk about.
i'm writing an article on the birds and buildings issue. things with this article are getting weirder and weirder the more i learn. i'm a birder. i care about whether bird populations are being negatively impacted by glass-fronted buildings.
but questions are coming up.
i'll come to the point: why is the Mayor of our fair city so concerned about saving avian lives, a concern which, while benevolent and laudable, has little or nothing to do with human health?

btw, i successfully awakened this a.m. at 6:35, feet on the floor by 6:44. (hey, that rhymed! yeah!)
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