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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
some guy put a video clip of pigeons swooping in formation on his blog. will link to it shortly, soon as i can find it again.
synaesthesia: expressing what is sensed via another one of the senses. like how to hear a color, or smell a sound.
also, words might not be the best way to do it. my studio is empty almost all of the time now. it is language, not the visual, that is coursing through me despite all of my "best" efforts. language having been my default modality since about age 4... i guess i don't mind it quite so much as i ought to, given the amount of $ i will shortly be paying for the experience of a <> art graduate degree.
too much world pressing in this morning, sorry folks.
in any case, there is only one awkward, blue-grey, sheepish-looking pigeon at the feeder this morning amidst the sparrows, gorging himself like it's Wonkaland and he's the fat kid in the chocolate garden.
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