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Thursday, February 17, 2005
on presenting my work today, the hair-in-the-shower pictures got the biggest response. it seems there are a lot of anti-aesthetic bodily-function artists at this school...
however that may be, i'm glad for the dialogue. and good to share my history of setting myself at odds with the "system" as a young person, and having moved from that negatively defined self into a more positively-defined self who is made up of stories and habits, all of which can pass unfiltered into the public realm to define me as an artist, as an individual, as a member of society. the stories and habits--which i suppose make a "practice", though that word is tossed around too cheaply sometimes--make me whole and empty at the same time. does anyone else feel this way--that NOT having an idea can yield better actual results than trying to execute a preconceived plan or idea?

footnote: the circle i refer to in the title goes with the circle from my old burnout agitator self into my "new", less oppositional self, and back to a more engaged, socially active but ME version of the old self.
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