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Fingers and Finches

Saturday, March 26, 2005
today i was out walking The Leg, and was just passing by the great gaping hole in the ground plus trees where there used to be two houses across the street, when two HAIRY WOODPECKERS tried to divebomb my head! it was awesome! they flitted to the tree right in front of my house, where i stood watching them until my fingers turned to mittens of ice (approx. 5 min.)...
woodpeckers are a sure sign of spring. there was also a handsome AMERICAN ROBIN hopping lengthwise along the roof of a nearby dwelling, and i think i caught sight of--though this is unconfirmable--a HOUSE FINCH. spring, i tell you. thirty degrees notwithstanding.
and, thanks all for your words of support and concern during this past week of the Bladder Infection Accompanied By Gas. it is almost all the way over now and i would prefer to forget it. but thank you.
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  • mar!

    first of healing vibes will commence... now! [~vibe~vibe~vibe~]

    second off: when did you become a bird freak? i mean it's groovy, not complaining, but i donae recollect the abundance of "look! it's a yellow-bellied sap sucker!" type effusivity back in the dot ave day.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 PM  
  • thank you darling. feeling much better already.
    perhaps i will write a "how i became a birder" post at some point. basically, Ariel taught me a little in Beantown, and then when i moved to MD. i joined the Audubon society and i was hooked!
    i'd say 2000-2001.

    By Blogger mar-mar, at 2:09 PM  
  • ok, her name invoked... i have to ask for contact info (i;ve been so out of touch with her the past two years, but i think of her frequently. will you e-mail me ariel's info? or pass mine to her?

    glad yer feeling better,
    i'm feeling especially transgressive. and also, like i may have (finally!) turned a corner on my second dissertation paper.

    but what this is doing in the comments section of your blog i'll never know.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:36 PM  
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