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god bless saturday

Saturday, March 19, 2005
in the neighbourhood of infinity
it was the time
of the giant
--The Fall, Palace of Swords Reversed (comp., 1980-83)

slept 10 hours last nite. i do not know what my problem is-this happens to me fairly often on fridays, where i fall into the bed, fully clothed, at 7:30pm and wake in the night, turn lights off, get water, and fall back to sleep until 5am. it gives me a really long Saturday. maybe that's why. and last night i even had the chance to go out, which i hardly ever do. sorry, Abbyg, i WILL get to one of your shows soon!
so , we took the 49 bus to breakfast this morning at 8:15, having worked and stretched since 5:30. I spotted 2 BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES on a tree on our block among the numerous EUROPEAN STARLINGS and HERRING GULLS. The gulls have been waking me up in the morning recently. The chickadees make spring seem more real--vernal equinox tomorrow, everyone!
I think i also spotted a hawk of some sort on Thursday, circling above the 112 S. Michigan building.
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  • I've read a few of your posts. I really enjoy your sensibility. You might like my New Art blog: http://new-art.blogspot.com
    I hope you do, and visit me sometimes.

    By Blogger vvoi, at 2:27 PM  
  • gosh, thanks! i will.

    By Blogger mar-mar, at 10:05 AM  
  • i can't even count on two hands and two feet how many times i've fallen onto my bed fully clothed and woken up early morning with the dawn thinking i can't even taste my tongue my mouth is so dry. (wait, is that possible anyway?) does the tongue even have a tast or is it something you get so used to that it doesn't have a taste anymore? hmmmmmmm....

    i like the word chickadee. chick a dee. dee dee a chick. chick chick. chick a ooo eee dee dee.

    By Blogger shellie, at 8:28 PM  
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