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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
i just had a pretty good day. there are three of us putting a mini-show of our current work together in the vast labyrinthine hall of mirrors that will be the Graduate Exhibition (May 8-20) at the 847 W. Jackson gallery. we are curating ourselves, meaning that decisions such as what color to paint the walls in our little alcove, or what wine to surreptitiously serve our opening night visitors in conspiratorial violation of the house rules, are entirely our own. Meaning that we have to come up with our own "theme," which is normally (and by "normal" i mean the freakishly illogical and disempowering set of operating procedures used by galleries as a result of massive art-world inbreeding) a curator's job.
So anyway, we finally did it! Came up with a theme, i mean. It's "resonance," and although i advocated vigorously for a verb, this noun seemed an acceptable compromise. Come see the show! come hear me read my written work, which seems to be growing parasitically in and around my visual expression, and which i suspect (and sort of hope) will eventually take over as one of my main art forms. Come hear and experience Tamara's immersive sound environment! Come experience David's amazing heart-bell machine! ok, ok. i feel like a carny.
May 7th is the opening. May 8-20 is the show. that is all, for now.
oh, and Joseph Grigely just won a Guggenheim award. It's not the Macarthur, but someone must have heard my prayer.
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  • OMG!!!! I had no idea Joseph won a Guggenheim! That is so FUCKING great!!!

    He really is one of the most mind opening people EVER. The best compliment to pay him is to think as creatively as he does.

    By Blogger AmberFRIDA, at 11:31 AM  
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