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gull dreams

Monday, April 18, 2005
i've had the strangest dreams lately...the immature greater black-backed gull from Saturday appeared that night in my tequila-soaked dream. it was standing alone in a parking lot, and turned its head slowly, slowly, to look my way.
last week i dreamed i had my own elephant. she was a female Asian elephant, trained to accompany me on my journeys into the city ( in the dream i think i lived in a city like Bangalore or Dubai, not Chicago, which is weird b/c i've never been to India--altho it figures prominently in my travel fantasies) and anyway, this elephant knew me really well. Sometimes i would walk beside or in front of her, sometimes riding on her back. She was really docile and quiet, and larger than all the other elephants (did i mention that in this dream, most people had elephants?). She ate surprisingly little for a pachyderm.
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