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baby gooses

Sunday, May 15, 2005
Congratulations Tdog and J on getting engaged this weekend! May you enjoy some long afternoons together this summer, planning and dreaming your future.

This morning, a little late birding at Diversey and the CHicago River: three TREE SWALLOWS, a GRACKLE, four mating MALLARDS and four adult CANADA GEESE, two of whom are new parents of seven yellow fuzzies! afterward i observed to S. that maybe we see pigeons as being such a pestilence because we never get to see their babies. After all, Canada Geesse are pretty rough on the environment, tearing apart riverbanks and pushing out other species. But we put up with them because we see their whole families and feel that kinship.
So, you might be wondering, where ARE all the pigeon babies?? Stay tuned...
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