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Caspian Tern

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Haha! I saw my first CASPIAN TERN on Friday. With me at the time were dear friends from very different cross-sections of my life, Libby and Vero, who had never met each other before...we were enjoying a strong warm summery wind off the aqua-blue lake, reclining somewhat uncomfortably on the concrete steps at the harbor in front of Buckingham Fountain, and observing seagulls doing dumb-ass things with each other. "Hey, look at that one. What is it doing? Trying to get the food out of the other's beak?" "Here's another one hovering near the pigeons. Does it think it's popular enough to hang out with them?"
Gazing at one gull flying high across our field of vision over the water, I saw a flash of orange triangular beak and black cap, and said, "That one is NOT a gull." I looked it up when we got home, and sure enough it was a Caspian.
I thought of NB, who is writing a book about the Arctic Tern--well, its kind of about other stuff too-- not quite the same bird at all, but still.
I've also been seeing lots of AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES, at long last.
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