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Thesis defense: Parents' Edition

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
This past weekend, in Calvert County, MD, I saw 1 EASTERN BLUEBIRD, 1 RED-TAILED HAWK, and several NORTHERN CARDINALS. Heard 2 RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS, as well. I also saw, back in Silver Spring this morning, an EASTERN PHOEBE.
Memorable Memorial Day Moments: when my mother asked me to explain why I think my art deserves to be made...an interesting question i think we should ALL get from our mothers. sometimes, lately (and by "sometimes" i mean "constantly") she is in Spicy mode, engaging the tough issues we discuss by lobbing piquant (and by "piquant" i mean "explosive") rejoinders at me across the space between us. This was one such moment.
I survived it fairly well, i must say. Why does my art deserve to be made? Only because I believe in it. I believe my writing and art has a contribution to make to the whole of humanity. That's all, and hopefully, it is enough. I don't know. I told Mom something along the lines of what I wrote in my last posting, that none of us knows the value of anything we do at the time that we do it, we can only swing our hammers and hope to see some progress in our lifetimes. BUt often we don't. So any work that tries to give the world something new is an act of faith.
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