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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Was that a MERLIN i saw today, on the campus of Northwestern University? Strange to think i never once visited that place the whole time I was growing up in this area, and had to wait till my thirties to get there. I think I heard a couple of years ago at the 10 year reunion that Rob L. who went through elementary, junior high and high school with me works over there. Rob, if you're out there reading, holler back. It's been awhile.

thanks to all of you for the positive vibes and thoughts as i sputter down the runway headed for takeoff post-grad school. This week, my emotional turbulence wasn't helped by:

1. The fact that we have to find a new apartment
2. The fact that I have to find a new job.
3. The fact that black goo started spewing up out of our bathtub drain for no apparent reason on Sunday.
4. The fact that the bathtub drain then stopped up, and the black goo spewed whenever one turned on the faucet for the sink.
5. The fact that said black goo was not Texas Tea.
6. The fact that our landlady, who makes the occasional cameo appearance in this blog by virtue of her status as slumlord (which I am now elevating to SlumQueen, the next stage being SlumBitch), told me that she shouldn't have to insist that the plumber come immedieately, because "Can't you guys just brush your teeth in the kitchen sink? What's the problem?"
Geez. Thank God I never did pay her for December rent--and she never noticed. We'll just sit on that little piece of information, now , won't we?
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