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Humboldt Pie

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
... okay, I stole that from the name of a cafe in my new 'hood i'm hoping to visit soon. but it is in Humboldt Park, the Jens Jensen-designed glorious greenspace after which the 'hood is named, that I glimpsed the unmistakable orange-and-black of an ORIOLE this morning on my first run in the Park.

An auspicious sign, it has to be, despite the dark clouds dripping rain overhead and the financial woes that seem equally menacing.

...speaking of birding, does anyone in the Chicago area wish to join me on the LaBagh Woods Bird Walk at 7:00am at the Forest Preserve off the Edens Expressway? Go to this linkfor details. Leave a comment here if you want to go, especially if you have a car!! Carpooling = good, right?
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