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warblers galore-blers

Saturday, October 15, 2005
Due to the sweet chauffeuring of The Leg, I was able to get out to Montrose Point at last yesterday for the first time this fall. Warblers there included PALM and YELLOW-RUMPED, as well as a possible Cape May which S. saw. We also saw a variety of thrushes, including Gray-Cheeked and Swainson's thrush among the plentiful Robins. Then there was a pair of flycatchers which were tough to ID. I am fairly sure at this point that they were SAY'S PHOEBES--no eye ring and the bit of rusty yellow on the underbelly.

That location never ceases to amaze me--dozens of small lively things wheeling and diving and hovering in the yellow light and prairie grasses, without a care about the big ugly bipeds standing and gawking and drinking lattes out of big sippy cups. You can get close enough to these migrants to observe plumage colors without your field glasses.

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  • Impressive. I didn't realize that Say's Phoebes could be found as far north and east as Illinois!

    Thanks for the link to I and the Bird. Perhaps one day you'll submit one of your posts...

    By Blogger Mike, at 6:54 PM  
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