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What's a Blog Carnival?

Friday, October 28, 2005
The Blog Carnival I and the Bird Issue 9 is out. I just learned about this-- a blog carnival is a sort of "best of" compilation of blog entries around a single theme. I and the Bird comes out every other Thursday--and they've linked to one of my posts, but the other writers are quite worthwhile reading--especially the dude who went birding in Western Australia!

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  • Congratulations! I'm happy to see your work recognized.
    You have not posted since your visit with us, I wonder what your musings are about family life. Thanks for your blog encouragement, it's really helpful. It's hard to remember life before the Internet...how did young people connect and share their ideas then?

    By Blogger Kan, at 6:13 AM  
  • penpals

    By Blogger mar-mar, at 6:33 AM  
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