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Sunday, November 13, 2005
I guess I'm on a bit of a birding hiatus, since I haven't gotten out to bird in a while. So I'll briefly note here the forces which have intervened to keep me and my field glasses apart these past few weeks:
1. Ear mites. Harriet Tubman woke me up one day moaning piteously and rubbing her ears on every angular surface in the house, so I've been faithfully antagonizing her morning and night by cradling her in one arm and sticking a dropperful of medicine into her ear with the other. A satisfying gob of poo-colored gunk comes out with every treatment, so I'm happy. Also, with the colder weather the cats are sleeping with us more. S. calls them the Assistant Sleepers.
2.Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season One.
3.A short story I wrote last week about a little girl who plays the trumpet and gets into a bit of mischief with a porno magazine she trashpicked in the alley...oh, dear. That didn't come out sounding very good. But it is! I like it, anyway. Shades of Kafka? Oh, never mind.
4.Dealing with our cell phones. Any of you dear readers who are considering getting a Cingular Wireless phone, DON'T! They are an irresponsible, greedier-than-usual phone company, which is saying something since the one we had to switch to is Verizon, which wanted $200 for our phones unless we agreed to sign a 2 year contract which would have cost us a bundle more altogether. Anyway, Cingular shut us off when we refused to pay the insane $691 they thought we owed them. To make matters worse, S agrees with them, so I may be all alone in my dispute which I intend to argue before whoever will listen, be they the Supreme Court or the Better Business Bureau, or whoever.
4.Go Fug Yourself. Just go.
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