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Thanksgiving Kestrel

Friday, November 25, 2005
Driving up to Morton Grove to visit uncle L, we were nearly sideswiped by an AMERICAN KESTREL as we exited the highway. I observed that it was a chilly day to be a raptor--most of its potential meals might be underground or sheltered someplace cozy.
Being sheltered someplace cozy is basically all I desire right now, and can't take for granted any longer now that winter is upon us in the frozen north. The cold and unrelenting gray have descended, along with a nasty upper respiratory infection, and both kitties are finally on the upswing from their respective illnesses. Stella and I found ourselves locked in a battle of wills when i tried to force open her jaws to take a pill--she finally opened her mouth on her own to take it, poor sweetie! As if she wanted to tell me, I'm your friend, all you need to do is ask!
I am considering doing a winter story series in this space. Self-publishing is so dang easy and it's tempting to use my blog as a testing ground for my fiction during times when birding slows. What do you, dear readers, think?
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