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I am nervous about my upcoming trip.

Friday, January 06, 2006
For some reason I have been feeling some pressure about getting back into birding. Our upcoming trip to the Bahamas might be a case in point. It's not a birding trip, and I know it sounds decadent to be heading to the Islands in the middle of winter, but I am hoping to see at least a few life list birds while we're down there. But what if I don't see any? Now that I have this blog, I feel obliged to give the people at least one or two images, at least a recorded sighting of a Stripe-headed Tanager or a Clapper Rail, if not the world's largest colony of West Indian Flamingoes on the southernmost Bahamian island of Inagua.
ok so i am getting kind of excited now from looking at those pictures.
But the pressure is still there. Maybe this has to do with my recent insights into what birding does for my creative process--it isn't quite necessary, but it serves as a generative sort of sediment for growing new projects...what would you call that...fertilizer! Birding is the fertilizer.
So now I am not just birding to look at birds anymore? this is getting confusing. Isn't there a thing in science where once you start observing something then the thing you are observing starts to change because it is being observed? It feels like that. That is the pressure I am feeling.
I don't even know if this is making sense.

And hey--did anyone have any thoughts to share about the story? I'm ready to hear them whenever. I just realized it took me a month to post the whole thing, so I'd like feedback about the pacing of it as well. Was i too slow to post? I never know how quickly people are getting this stuff.
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  • I thought the pacing was fine -- built suspense, like an old-time serial. I wish the story had been longer though! It was over too soon.

    By Blogger Eva, at 6:19 PM  
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