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Run, Run! No, Wait! Wait! Wait!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
The title of this post comes from a dad I just witnessed trying to teach his kids how to fly a kite. The kids weren't getting it at all, and then the older sister tried to make her little brother run with the kite just to see him do it, and the dad put his foot down. This being Humboldt Park, about four older teenagers were watching from their bikes.

Also in the park just now, I saw my first-ever COMMON GALLINULE up close and personal drifting and diving in the cold lagoon. There was also a sparrow which might have been a SWAMP SPARROW, but could also have been a WHITE CROWNED SPARROW, I'm not sure--and bazillions, once again, of RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS diving for cover from the approaching helicopter. It's finally spring here--meaning fifty degrees in the sunshine--and the ice cream truck is hopefully blaring its incessant jingle which we are condemned to hear eight hundred thousand times a day for the next five months.

du du du DU DU, du du du DU DU (La Cucaracha), doot du du du du du DU...
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