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Shovelers were in the puddle.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Awesome! We went for a walk yesterday and saw five NORTHERN SHOVELERS chasing each other in a large puddle at the far end of the drained lagoon in the park. They cared not a whit for the fact that two largish, full bodies of water lay within a quarter mile. They hadn't been there a couple days ago. I didn't have my field glasses so I'll have to try again today--but the spoon-shaped bills and brown and white and green markings were unmistakably those of the birds in my book--which I had memorized in case of just such a sighting. Another life list bird for me...
Also, there were some white geese which could have been ROSS' GEESE or LESSER SNOW GEESE. Not sure on the ID on this one. They seemed right at home among the Canada Geese and Coots on the lagoon.
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