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I got to ride my bicycle again!

Monday, May 08, 2006
We dusted off the bikes and rode in Humboldt Park, gliding through the trees and softball fields in the glorious spring weather. We saw scads of REDWINGED BLACKBIRDS, as usual, I had a couple of SWAMP SPARROWS, and Scot spotted a very handsome HAIRY WOODPECKER pounding away at a maple.
I have two bikes, one a rugged mountain bike with a jillion gears and fancy brakes. I bought it specifically to keep up with my boyfriend at the time, who enjoyed riding at breakneck speeds through Rock Creek Park in DC, taking every possible opportunity to hop "offroad" and skitter through rocks or mud or whatever. I was pretty much terrified whenever I was on that thing. It has that mid-1990s mountain bike seating arrangement, which pitches your upper torso forward enough so you can't see too well what's going on around you, but not far enough forward so that you can comfortably rest your elbows on your handlebars if you want (like a racing bike or 10 speed). I still ride it whenever serious mileage is called for.
But my bike of choice is my green cruising bike I got as a hand-me-down last year. It goes about 0.2 miles per hour and I can sit upright on its springy big seat. the brakes are almost nonexistent--but so what? It's the perfect birding/pregnancy bike. I plan to use it around the neighborhood, until I can no longer wrestle it down the stairs.
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