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BWP (Birding While Pregnant)

Saturday, June 10, 2006
Folks, this is like what birding is supposed to be: I suddenly weigh more than 15 pounds above normal, so taking it slow is now compulsory for walks outdoors. So what do I do to combat the boredom of a long, slow walk? I bring field glasses. Today in the park, there wasn't a lot to remark upon, but there were:
1 EASTERN KINGBIRD (fancy fellow!)

The kingbird was an especially lovely thing to watch, and it reminded me of the brevity of spring and how fortunate we've been to live near a large park. We'll be moving at the end of the month, northward and lakeward, up to Rogers Park. Our parks there will be either small Potawatamie Park (good for new baby strolling perhaps?) or lakefront beaches (time to learn those gull and sandpiper species once and for all!) or huge, enormous, carnivalesque Warren Park. That park is so comprehensively recreational, it even has batting cages.

We head southeast toward the end of next week for sister #2's wedding. I'm hoping (perhaps unrealistically, but hope often has that quality anyhow) for a break in the festivities that will allow for some birding time. And my brother Ethan finally watched Winged Migration all the way through and called to say he loved it, so perhaps I'll have a birding buddy this time other than...well, you know, other than the Unborn Child I carry everywhere with me. The UC doesn't really have much choice in the matter. I told my brother that if he'd only suggested he might be willing to go on birding trips with me last winter, I might not have felt the need to CREATE a whole new human being just for that purpose!
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  • Just think, you're going to have the chance to raise a birder of your own soon :-) Nice post!

    By Blogger Eva, at 11:11 PM  
  • Mar - the UC's going to hate you when it's a teenager and you get it up at 5am to go birding. You should start saving for those therapy bills now.

    By Blogger Erin, at 3:05 PM  
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