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Monday, August 14, 2006
i haven't birded since we moved. Six weeks! it's not that getting around is so tough now that i'm eight months preggers--it's that getting UP is so tough. I grieve the loss of a gigundous park 1/2 block away in our old neighborhood. There have been a couple of woodpeckers, including a neighborhood RED-BELLIED, in the past few weeks, but i need to come to terms with the fact that (a) I am having a kid and that may hamper my ability to get out birding on a regular basis and (b) I live less than a mile from the lake now, so the avian populations I'll get will be different--fewer woodpeckers and raptors and prairie birds, more shorebirds. It makes me whiny at times: but I don't KNOW anything about shorebirds! I don't even LIKE gulls! Is this all I have to look forward to--herring gulls and the occasional sandpiper or tern?

And on the baby front, are there any birders with babies out there? How do you manage it, especially nursing moms? Do you just take baby out when s/he wakes up at 5am and come back at 8am for a nap? That could work...my partner is a big morning sleeper so that would give him the time he needs...so much of this is still unknown. we shall have to see!
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  • Babies are fabulous at turning their caretakers into morning people. I am quite certain that baby will love an early morning birding ritual. Never fear.

    By Blogger Kan, at 10:56 AM  
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