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Fall Warbler, not much else

Friday, September 22, 2006
Since I'm enormously preggers, not exercising much beyond climbing three flights of stairs to the apartment, and therefore not getting out to bird, I was nervous that I'd get through my last day of work without seeing any good fall birds. But! The BF came to pick me up and as we moseyed back to the car, I spotted my first fall guy--a PALM WARBLER just loving the ground as those ground-lovin warblers do in migration. It being my nature to worry needlessly, I worried that he'd crashed into the glass-paneled front of the Medill School of Journalism, but in fact he was just fine.
Earlier in the day I'd also seen a pair of NORTHERN CARDINALS cavorting in a yew bush, and then later that afternoon I saw what I thought might be a shrike but was probably just a large sparrow on a light fixture on a building exterior.
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